For farmers who want to increase their livestock production, especially cattle, it is not enough just to provide grass feed. Healthy and fat cows need other intakes that can meet their needs for fat, protein and fiber.

One of the alternative feed raw materials, which can be used by cattle farmers, especially for fattening cattle, is oil palm cake. In addition to being abundant and continuous. Palm oil waste is also cheap and does not compete with human needs.

According to research, palm kernel cake or palm kernel expeller or meal has a higher nutritional value than other wastes with a crude protein content of 15% and crude energy of 4,230 kcal/kg, so it can be used as concentrate feed by adding other feed ingredients. However, PKE cannot be given singly as animal feed because PKE has anti-nutrients that can cause diarrhea in livestock. Good quality PKE can be used in cow concentrate up to 30%.

In presenting PKE as animal feed, it is also necessary to pay attention to the content of palm shells in PKE. Feed from PKE is of good quality, minimal from other additives, including palm shells that can be eaten by cows.