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As a result, our tests indicate that the Palm kernel Oil is a top-of-the-range product which can be safely used in cosmetic products. The most important factors from which we bought palm kernel Oil are: Ø   Healthy and safe alternative to coconut oil? Ø   Palm Kernel Oil vs Coconut Oil – Nutritional Facts & Ingredients Ø   Palm Kernel Oil - Is it good for my skin or hair? Ø   The Sustainable Alternative To Coconut - Why You Should Be Using Palm Kernel Oil Coconut oil has been this year's buzz word among health and beauty circles with numerous claims of its benefits on everything from weight loss to strengthening your hair. However, there seems to be a new contender for "Superfood" status taking over the internet as it appears to be a healthier alternative for those looking to improve their skin and hair. Palm kernel oil (PKO) is derived from the pulp of fruits from palm trees. It contains roughly 50% lauric acid – a medium chain fatty acid – which closely

Palm Kernel Expeller Oil: A Natural Choice for Food Industry Applications

- Palmkernel expeller is a material that has been traditionally used in the food industry to provide fats and oils. As a result of its use, this product is now being investigated for application in other fields such as biofuel production. In this blog post, we explore how palm oil expeller can be used to make biodiesel. This post will discuss:      - How to produce biodiesel from palm kernel expeller; - The benefits of using PKE instead of soybean or rapeseed oil; and - Why you should consider using PKE when producing your own diesel fuel at home. Palm kernel expeller is a byproduct of palm oil production. Palm kernel expellers are used in the production of cosmetics, detergents, and bio-diesel fuel.   The demand for palm kernel expellers is set to increase due to the growing popularity of bio-diesel fuel. Governments across the world are incentivizing their use because it produces less greenhouse gas emissions than regular diesel fuels. However, there is concern that these incenti

What is the Palm Kernel Cake and its uses in our daily life

Palm kernel cake has been a staple food for many African countries and is also used as a dietary supplement. In Nigeria, it is considered to be the most important ingredient in Jollof Rice. It is made from ground-up palm kernels that have been boiled with water or milk then pounded into a paste using stones. The preparation of palm kernel cake varies from place to place but generally consists of boiling the kernels with water, stirring them until they form a thick paste, pounding the paste against a mortar and pestle to break up any lumps, adding salt and seasoning before serving. Palm Kernel Cake can be eaten by itself or mixed with other ingredients such as onions, garlic or tomatoes. Palm Kernel Cake can also replace wheat flour when preparing Palm kernel cake is a food product made from the oil extracted from palm kernels. It can be used for cooking, as feed for livestock and poultry, or in the production of soap. While it has some negative connotations due to its high levels of

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Palmkernel expeller/meal/cake is a by-product from the oil palm fruit. The cake has been traditionally used as animal feed, but it can also be processed to make biodiesel and bioplastics. In Indonesia, where over 10 million hectares of land are covered in Palm Oil plantations, this industry is booming.  The palm oil industry in Indonesia supports the livelihoods of millions of people and provides employment for over 3 million people. It generates about $2 billion a year in exports and accounts for around 5% of the country's GDP (2014). This article will look at how palm kernel expeller (PKE) producers provide economic opportunities to Indonesians on their own plantations as well as those who work off-site. Palmkernel expeller/meal/cake is one of the best alternatives to soybean meal in feed formulations. It has a high crude protein content, which makes it an excellent source of amino acids and other essential nutrients for animal production. Moreover, this product also conta

Process done by the palm kernel exporter in Indonesia

Media that palm kernel process done by the exporter as a source of chemical used to produce drugs. According to him, chemicals come from Italy and China . but do not know which companies use its main ingredient .Palm kernel have oils within it more than oil palm fruit so this became a commodity processed exports. This is what makes Indonesia a world leader in exporting palm kernels , exported every year up to 3 million tons . In addition to processing into cooking oil , this also has another function as a chemical raw materials for soap production. Chemical content within it mostly glycerol and fatty acids that can be separated during the refining process. " Actually , we selling our palm kernel just as a commodity . Other countries then process it into chemicals and exported back to us , "said Al Hadi who is Director of Market Development at the Palm Oil Producers Association ( GAPKI ) on Thursday. He added, chemical content within palm kernel oil more than about 50

Palm kernel manufacturer Indonesia( the Palm Oil Industry in Indonesia)

Palm kernel is a staple food in some parts of the world and it has been used for centuries as a source of cooking oil, soap and other products. However, palm kernel production can cause deforestation so many people are looking for ways to develop new sources of this important ingredient. Indonesia produces more than half the world's palm kernels and exports them all over the globe so they have become an integral part of their economy. One company that manufactures this product is PT Kuala Lumpur Kepong Sejahtera (KLKS). The KLKS facility was built in 2013 near Medan, North Sumatra to replace its previous facility which had been destroyed by a fire. This plant has a processing capacity of 5 million tons per year with room for Palm Kernel manufacturer Indonesia is a company that specializes in the production of palm kernel. Their products are exported to many countries around the world, including China. They have been in operation for over 10 years and are one of the most well-k

Palm Kernel Cake

Palm oil cake or palm kernel cake is a waste from processing palm oil into CPO (Crude Palm Oil). In Indonesia, the potential for oil palm cake is very high, because the area of oil palm plantations in Indonesia is more than 10 million ha spread over various regions, especially in Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. Oil palm meal contains 16-18% protein so it can be used as dairy cattle feed. Good quality oil palm cake can be used in dairy cow concentrate about 30%. The main obstacle in the use of oil palm cake is the high content of oil palm shell. However, by turning palm oil can be reduced.  Nutrient Composition of Feed Ingredients 1 Dry Ingredients: BK 90.3 2 Ash: 4.07 3 Crude Protein: PK 16.8 4 Crude Fat: LK 11.9 5 Coarse Fiber: SK 30 6 BetaN : 44.6 7 TDN: 79 8 Calcium: Ca 0.16 9 Phospor: P 0.62