Palm oil cake or palm kernel cake is a waste from processing palm oil into CPO (Crude Palm Oil). In Indonesia, the potential for oil palm cake is very high, because the area of oil palm plantations in Indonesia is more than 10 million ha spread over various regions, especially in Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

Oil palm meal contains 16-18% protein so it can be used as dairy cattle feed. Good quality oil palm cake can be used in dairy cow concentrate about 30%. The main obstacle in the use of oil palm cake is the high content of oil palm shell. However, by turning palm oil can be reduced. 

Nutrient Composition of Feed Ingredients

1 Dry Ingredients: BK 90.3
2 Ash: 4.07
3 Crude Protein: PK 16.8
4 Crude Fat: LK 11.9
5 Coarse Fiber: SK 30
6 BetaN : 44.6
7 TDN: 79
8 Calcium: Ca 0.16
9 Phospor: P 0.62